The Kakigori Dessert Cafe

There’s always room for dessert. Day began baking since he was a little one over 8 years old, using the best recipe he gathered from tv shows and magazines. He loves the aroma of good chocolate and anything sweet. Right after college, he decided to come abroad and adventured for another chapter of life. Open restaurants and decided to open up a dessert café to share the love.

The idea is to recreate something delightful just like grandma’s kitchen – the smile, the warmth, and the delicious scent. Kakigori dessert café first open in 2020, signature dessert include Mango & Sticky rice soft serve, Bingsu, Tsukiji Rice Crackers etc. Customers loved menu and started. Kakigori dessert café the team strives to offer the most special cafés and best desserts made from the finest ingredients. The goal is to keep the very same standard of quality, service, and the warmth atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.



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  • Minis
  • Croffles
  • Senbei

Red Bean & Mochi Softserve

Taro Mini

Mango Cheese Cake Mini

Mango & Sticky Rice Mini

S.O.C. Mini

Black Sesame Mini

Matcha Mini

Thai Tea Mini

Choco Malt Mini

Watermelon Mini

Coconut Mini

Vietnamese Coffee Mini

Mango & Sticky Rice Softserve

Strawberries & Oreo Softserve

Taco & Red Bean Softserve

Pandan Lava Toast

Salted Egg Lava Toast

Mango & Sticky Rice Toast

Thai Tea Lava Toast

Black Lava Toast

Strawberry Cheesecake Croffle

Black Sesame Croffle

Matcha Croffle

Brown Sugar Boba Croffle

Taro & Red Bean Croffle

Choco Malt & Oreo Croffle

Croffle A-LA-Mode

Brown Sugar Baba Croffle

Mango & Sticky Rice Croffle

Plain Croffle

Ebi Senbei

Tako Senbei


Our Store Information


2207 E Madison St,  Seattle, WA 98112

Mon-Friday  3–8 PM
Saturday 12–9 PM
Sunday 12–8 PM


16864 Southcenter Pkwy, Tukwila, WA 98188

Mon-Tues  4–9 PM
Wed-Fri  2–9 PM
Sat-Sun 12–9 PM



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